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World Coffee Day – A Global Celebration for Coffee Lovers

Coffee is more than just a drink; it is a cultural asset, a social glue and, for many, an indispensable way to start the day. On October 1st, this aromatic companion is celebrated worldwide with International Coffee Day. Originally launched in 2015, this special day not only serves to celebrate coffee as a drink, but also has a deeper meaning. It is intended to highlight the importance of fair trade in the coffee sector and to shine a light on the often difficult working conditions of coffee farmers.

The day is teeming with events and promotions around the globe: from free or discounted coffee offers in cafes and restaurants to special discount promotions and coupons shared on social media. Even Coffee Day greeting cards find their way into the hands of enthusiastic coffee lovers. While many countries celebrate their own national coffee days at different times of the year, October 1st offers a unique opportunity to share the passion for coffee on a global level.

Coffee Day in Germany and the World: A Journey Through History

In Germany, Coffee Day has a special meaning because the country is known for its high coffee consumption. The German Coffee Association first launched “Coffee Day” in 2006. Originally, this special day was celebrated on the first Saturday in September. But since 2016, it has coincided with International Coffee Day on October 1st. This year, 2023, Germany will be celebrating this special day for the 18th time. The events are varied and range from coffee tastings and roastery tours to special promotions in cafés.

But the fascination with coffee is not limited to Germany. International Coffee Day was first officially proclaimed in 2015 by the International Coffee Organization (ICO) as part of Expo 2015 in Milan. The exact origin of this day is unclear, however. Some sources indicate that a similar event was organized by the All Japan Coffee Association in Japan as early as 1983. In the USA, “National Coffee Day” was first publicly mentioned in 2005, while in China the celebrations began in 1997 and have been held annually since April 2001.

Coffee has a special meaning in Asia. Vietnam celebrates Vietnam Coffee Day, which not only highlights the achievements of the domestic coffee industry but also serves as a platform for international cooperation. Vietnam is one of the largest coffee exporters in the world and the day is used to promote the quality and production of Vietnamese coffee.

The global importance of coffee is also reflected in the number of countries that have their own national coffee days. From Taiwan, which has celebrated International Coffee Day since 2009, to Nepal, which first celebrated its National Coffee Day in 2005, these global celebrations are not only a tribute to one of the world's most popular beverages, but also an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of fair trade and the working conditions of coffee farmers.

The history of World Coffee Day shows how this drink connects people around the world. It is not only a day for connoisseurs and coffee lovers, but also an opportunity to learn about the complex processes and challenges of coffee production. World Coffee Day is celebrated differently in different parts of the world, but the underlying message remains the same: appreciation for the aromatic drink and the people who make it possible.


The perfect day to try something new

Coffee Day offers the perfect opportunity to explore the diversity of coffee culture and try something new. If you are looking for unusual coffee specialties that will send your taste buds on a trip around the world, we have some very special specialties for you below.

Mexico: Café de Olla

Let’s start our culinary journey in Mexico with the Café de Olla. The name literally means “coffee pot”, and this drink is a unique blend of Mexican ground coffee, cinnamon, orange peel or Star anise and a special raw sugar called “Piloncillo”. This combination creates a wonderfully spicy aroma, which is particularly highlighted by the cinnamon note. If you are a fan of spiced coffee, you should definitely try this Mexican specialty.

Malaysia: Kopi Tarik

In Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia, Kopi Tarik is a daily must. This coffee is made by "steeping" the drink between two containers, which gives it a foamy consistency. Refined with condensed milk, it is a sweet treat for any coffee lover.

Vietnam: Ca Phe Trứng

Vietnam also has a rich coffee culture, and Cà Phê Trứng, or Vietnamese egg coffee, is one of the most unusual specialties. This drink combines strong espresso with a mixture of egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk, whipped to a foamy consistency. Some call it “liquid tiramisu,” and it is a must for lovers of sweet coffee varieties. You can find out exactly how to make it in our Blog post about the special coffee variations from Vietnam.

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The most important questions and answers about Coffee Day!

When is Coffee Day 2023?

Coffee Day occurs on October 1st every year, so in 2023 you can celebrate Coffee Day on October 1st.

Since when does Coffee Day exist?

Coffee Day has been celebrated in Germany since 2005. It was created to honor the importance of coffee and the diversity of coffee culture worldwide.

Is there a coffee day offer?

Yes, in honor of Coffee Day, we are offering a special tasting pack in our store. The pack contains four different types of special coffee, and you will receive 25% off the entire pack.