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Vietnamese coffee

We'll show you step by step how to prepare traditional Vietnamese coffee and provide background information on coffee culture and coffee cultivation in Vietnam . Vietnamese coffee - authentic enjoyment is so simple.

Traditional preparation of Vietnamese coffee

The recipe for Vietnamese coffee: Preparation step by step

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background knowledge

Vietnamese coffee: What makes it so special among Asian coffees?


Vietnamese coffee is prepared in the so-called “Phin” directly on the glass/cup. All you need is coffee powder, hot water and of course a Phin !

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Vietnamese coffee is known and loved for its strong, chocolaty and nutty taste. But Vietnamese coffee is as diverse as the country itself. You will also find fruity and milder varieties in our range.

Yes! Vietnamese coffee makes a wonderfully aromatic, strong espresso and the chocolaty, nutty notes are perfect for coffee-milk drinks such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.

The grind for preparation in the Phin must be coarse (grinding level 4 out of 5). Since the contact time between the hot water and the coffee powder is quite long, coffee that is ground too finely would result in coffee that is too strong/bitter.

Yes! The Phin is perfect for making a delicious, aromatic cup of coffee in a hotel, at work or while camping . All you need is coffee powder and hot water.

No, Vietnamese coffee is also “just” coffee. Of course, you can prepare your cup the way you like it. Our coffee beans can be ground to suit any type of preparation. Our ground coffee is coarsely ground and is therefore particularly suitable for preparation in a French press or filter machine, in addition to the Phin.