| Dominik Osele

The perfect alternative to coffee capsules

Just like us, Goethe loved the "black gold" and was fascinated by its perfect preparation. He meticulously counted the coffee beans before they were ground by hand, stylishly poured into a pot with hot water and served in pretty collector's cups. This former coffee cult has now become a profitable coffee capsule craze worldwide. In Germany alone, one in three coffees comes from a capsule machine. At the same time, many consumers are asking themselves the question: "What is a good alternative to coffee capsules?" We mean the Vietnamese coffee filter. Here you can find our top four reasons.


#1 Coffee capsules are too expensive

Coffee capsules are significantly more expensive than coffee beans. First, you have to invest money in an expensive coffee machine and buy the capsules that go with it. An average capsule costs around 35 cents. Depending on the type, each capsule contains around six grams of coffee. For users, this means that they pay around 30 euros for 500 grams of coffee enjoyment - a lot of money. The Vietnamese coffee filter scores points here with its low purchase costs and the coffee beans also only cost around 12 to 18 euros per 500 grams.


#2 Coffee capsules are bad for the environment

Capsule technology is a disaster for the environment: the big problem is the expensive individual packaging, which is mainly made of aluminum or plastic. In Germany, a large proportion of the capsules end up in household waste and cause around 5,000 tons of additional waste every year. Approximately three grams of aluminum are needed to produce an aluminum capsule alone. Extreme environmental damage is accepted for the extraction of raw materials and high energy costs are incurred during production. The environmental balance is therefore very poor here too. Vietnamese coffee filter is a cost-effective purchase for life that is ecologically safe. The winner in terms of ecological balance is therefore clearly a Vietnamese coffee filter.


#3 Not only capsules are perfect for a cup

The individual brewing process of the capsule machines is also not a convincing selling point, because the coffee drinking scene in Vietnam swears by the art of freshly brewing a cup. The coffee brew is black as night, has a unique consistency and the taste is extraordinary every time. You also have the advantage of being able to try any variety with different intensities.


#4 Capsule machines can make you sick

Modern preparation at the touch of a button can sometimes even make people ill. Common causes are: the daily cleaning of the water tank is not taken seriously, the fresh water is not changed daily, the annual descaling or machine cleaning is ignored or forgotten. In contrast, maintaining hygiene with a hand filter is much easier.


Vietnamese coffee culture is trending as an alternative to coffee capsules

In Vietnam, the love of the coffee bean began in the middle of the 19th century. The then occupying French forces brought the coffee plant and the legendary single cup filter (Phin) Vietnam is now the second largest coffee producer in the world. The most popular varieties include Arabica, Robusta, Culi, Excelsa, Chari, Maragogype and Stenophylla. Added to this is the rare weasel coffee Ca Phe cut chon and special coffee blends. Thanks to the perfect mix of authentic coffee culture, the best coffee varieties, great recipes and simple preparation, the Café Phin (Vietnam coffee filter) in our stylish world is making a comeback. Accordingly, many Vietnamese street food cafes are currently opening and the permanent filters are winning the hearts of customers as an alternative to coffee capsules.

Here's a little taste of 2018

Vietnamese yoghurt coffee – CÀ PHÊ CHUA: Traditional and refreshing Fill a tall glass with ice cubes, pour the filter coffee over it and top with two tablespoons of yoghurt. For a little sweetness, simply drizzle honey or coconut blossom sugar over it. Zabaione coffee – CÀ PHÊ TRỨNG: Wakes you up and tastes delicious as a dessert alternative Beat 1 fresh egg yolk, 1 tablespoon sweet condensed milk, 1 tablespoon milk and ½ tablespoon sugar in a water bath, pour hot filter coffee into a thick-walled glass and pour the zabaione on top. Then serve immediately and enjoy!


Did you know already?

Drinking coffee has a long tradition in Vietnam. Locals consider it a staple food. For this reason, there are typical local shops on every street corner that serve delicious coffee creations. Coffee lovers always drink it, even as a stimulating accompaniment to hearty dishes and especially soups.


Conclusion: The machines with coffee capsules embody lifestyle and the clever advertising does the rest. But fortunately there is a strong countermovement true to the motto: "Back to the roots with Vietnamese coffee cult!" Coffee lovers and trendsetters drink coffee the Vietnamese way and have found an ideal alternative to coffee capsules.