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International Coffee Day 2021

World Coffee Day

On October 1st, Germany celebrates “International Coffee Day”. The German Coffee Day was introduced by the German Coffee Association in 2006. This day is intended to educate people about the history, benefits and importance of coffee and to recognize the hard work involved in coffee production.

Coffee Day is celebrated on different dates around the world, with most events taking place in late September. The name "International Coffee Day" was first used at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum press conference in 2009 to announce the first New Orleans Coffee Festival.

On Coffee Day: Facts you probably didn’t know


Goat and coffee, huh?!

Did you know that without goats we might not know coffee? According to legend, coffee was discovered around 800 AD by a goatherd in Ethiopia. He noticed the stimulating properties of coffee berries because his goats always started dancing after eating them. A local monk made a drink out of the berries. The result: a sleepless night. That was the birth of coffee!

International Coffee Day: Meaning

World Coffee Day is not just about celebrating and enjoying coffee as a popular hot drink. Of course, the day is also intended to draw attention to the not always fair conditions in coffee production and in the coffee trade and to the plight of coffee farmers.

On these days the world celebrates Coffee Day

Date of World Coffee Day Country countries
January 3 Mongolia
14 April Portugal
May 6 Denmark
24 May Brazil
27 June Colombia
August 22nd Peru
second Friday in September Costa Rica
28 September Switzerland
29 September Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Ethiopia, Hungary, Iceland, India (Chikmagalur, Bengaluru), Indonesia, Norway, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, United States, Pakistan, Karachi, Poland
October 1 Germany , Honduras, Ireland, Slovakia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, England


The history of World Coffee Day

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) decided to declare International Coffee Day in 2014. The first official World Coffee Day was celebrated in Milan in 2015. Events celebrating coffee have existed before. The ICO in China celebrated coffee for the first time in 1997, and Taiwan honored coffee with its own holiday for the first time in 2009. The exact origin of International Coffee Day is unknown, however.

ICO International Coffee Organization

What does ICO stand for?

The ICO stands for "International Coffee Organization". The organization was founded in London in 1963 under the leadership of the United Nations. The reason was the great economic importance of coffee. It manages the International Coffee Agreement (ICA), an important instrument of development cooperation.

ICO logo – Coffee Day at VietBeans

The mission of the ICO is to bring together governments of exporting and importing countries to improve global coffee trade through international cooperation. The 49 members of the global ICO represent 98% of producing countries (export) and 67% of importing countries. The ICO does important work to develop a global sustainable coffee trade and to reduce poverty in developing countries.

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