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For us, coffee is not a business, but a passion. Since 2017 VietBeans stands for uncompromisingly good coffee from Vietnam.

The Vietnamese soils and warm climate guarantee first-class growing conditions. The final touch is provided by the gentle drum roasting. Our strict quality control guarantees a first-class coffee experience every time.

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VietBeans Arabica & Traditional

Our Arabica grows in Cầu Đất, in the highlands Đà Lạts, at 1600 – 1900 m above sea level. In perfect climatic conditions for growing coffee, the ripe coffee cherries are collected by hand to guarantee a constant high quality and excellent taste.

Our Robusta comes from the area around Buôn Ma Thuột in the central highlands of the Đắk Lắk province. The fertile volcanic soil of these growing areas ensures a high-quality and particularly tasty bean with a delicious chocolaty aroma.

We work closely with our local partners

We work exclusively with selected partners who have a special understanding of the regional characteristics and traditions of the country. With modern machinery, organic farming, fair production conditions and a special love for the bean, our partners produce a product on high quality product that is not yet available in Europe.

An authentic Vietnamese coffee of the highest quality with a delicious chocolaty aroma and various fine nuances.

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Our coffee comes from selected growing areas in Vietnam

In Vietnam, you take time out for coffee. The special preparation and regional delicacies make Vietnamese coffee so unique.

Typical Vietnamese coffee is strong with aromas of dark chocolate and hazelnut and is traditionally prepared in the Phin, a small stainless steel filter, directly on the cup. This preparation method gives Vietnamese coffee its particularly aromatic note.

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We offer special services for business customers

We offer business customers various special services. For example, you benefit from attractive volume discounts and a personal contact who will advise you on the selection of the right coffee varieties.

Additionally you can order green coffee from us, which we order individually for you directly from our partners in Vietnam.

We supply all types of business customers, including offices, cafés, restaurants and hotels.

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Trâm Anh

Particularly intense coffees with a chocolaty taste and a wide range of aromatic nuances.

The special feature of Trâm Anh is the use of French Bretel butter and high-quality rum or Hennessy Cognac during the roasting process. This gives Trâm Anh coffees their unmistakable aroma. A unique taste experience!

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